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Having in mind that quality is nowadays the most important market factor and the main weapon of competitiveness with long term and increasing trend, its incorporation into business policy of the company is aimed at continuous improvement of marketing strategy. The policy requires permanent development and improvement of doing business at the entire company and achieving world class quality level..

Basic quality ideas: 

  • Quality with simultaneous reduction in business expenses and increase of productivity and profitability are the business priorities in all our activities

  • Quality of products and their safety in use are available by appropriate application of requests and regulations, as well as inter-defined demands by the customers.

  • Permanent improvement of quality is a task and a responsibility for managers of all sectors and departments, reflected through implementation of leadership philosophy toward improvement of business process quality and creation of harmonious business system.

  • Responsibility for creation, implementation in timely manner and securing quality belong to each and every position within the company, organizational unit and individual for jobs he/she performs, without possibility of transferring these jobs on someone else.

  • Planning in all business processes and establishment of permanent improvement, aimed at excellence to become the rule, rather than exception, is recognizable working style at the company.

  • In business relations, to be oriented toward the partners having a quality management system in place, and accordingly implemented in realization of their activities.

  • The Management and all employees render cooperation climate, the trust and affiliation to the company, based on involvement of employees in creation of business processes, taking care of common goals, needs and interests, which enables activation of all creative potentials.

  • Protection of natural environment we operate in and preservation of resources as best we can.

  • Adopted quality system at our company according to ISO 9001:2000 standard represent a basis for development and new asset on the path to the total quality management (TQM) as the process of general progress.
Banja Luka, June 20th 2007.

Managing Director
Gostimir Jaćimović