Juventa Sport  





In its market communication, Juventa sport place particular emphasize on youth and their choices. Juventas was ancient Roman goddess of youth, enhancing and broadening the communication toward this widest target group. We intend to improve the link between young people and sports, by intensifying our own engagement in all business segments. Through education and promotion, we strive to encourage deliberations on healthy way of life and activities contributing overall health condition of modern men and women. We are aware that environment under which daily human activities take place significantly aggravate his/her active relation to the health, but we intend to reduce these negative effects as much as possible.

Our goal is to became one of the largest distributional chains in the field of sports equipment and accessories in Bosnia and Herzegovina, by expanding the assortment and permanently improving ourselves in all segments. Next to improvement of sales process, we in parallel attempt to improve knowledge of our staff and possibilities offered by IT system, being a key support to modern business. We intend to achieve a full satisfaction of our customers which is the only valid criterion for measuring the quality of our work.

By selecting a high quality products manufactured by most prominent companies, we increasingly gain our customers trust. We are at disposal to our customers and our business partners in order to assist in optimal selection of products for certain purposes and optimal price/quality rates. Therefore, through permanent communication, we receive information on customers demand, remarks and suggestions and try to meet them as much as possible.

We are grateful for their devoted time. We thank them for their understanding because they are aware this is the only way to achieve, maintain and improve our successful business and friendly contacts.