Juventa Sport  





Development and maintenance of good business relations with our customers have crucial meaning in our work. By choosing Juventa sport for your partner and by entering into our Partnership program, your business process can benefit as follows::

  • Receiving manufacturer's warranty on product quality

  • Getting permanent availability of goods at out high capacity stock

  • Providing delivery at your address in 48 hrs. period, provided that your store is distant less than 50 km from any of our sale centers

  • Receiving firm sales arguments for customers

  • Receiving know-how for your staff and all those who get in contact with your customers or partners

  • Provided training in the field of particular product sale

  • We keep you informed about news in offer and product features

  • Receiving quality technical support

  • Receiving assistance in product selection...

We arrange additional benefits for our best customers than can be used during the whole year. Become our partner and make some of business processes easier. Speed up your decision making process with our help in knowledge and experience.